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River Carnival

5 May

Yes, another blog! I just wanted to share some pictures from today of the Hereford River Carnival. It has to be said, the weather made it really special.

The river busy with homemade floats and traditional coracles.

Beautiful spot to watch the raft race.

Last night’s theme was based on the mythical creatures on the Mappa Mundi.


Getting to Know Home

3 May

Much as we still think of the UK as “home” we don’t actually spend very much time here any more. However, as mentioned in “Choices”, we now have a base, somewhere to call our own and where we headed after our stay in Spain.

Although we’d managed to make it habitable over the winter there was still a lot to do and sort out to even begin to describe the house as comfortable. The main focus of April, then, has been scouring shops and the internet for cupboards and drawers, cooking and cleaning equipment along with all the smaller accessories like lamp shades and cushions. Not an unpleasant task by any means but we did still hit the “it will do” phase.

Along with all this we’ve also taken the opportunity to get out and about, discover something of our new surroundings. Hereford is Neil’s hometown, where he grew up. Although it’s been many years since he lived here he still knows it well, the back roads to avoid the worst of the notorious traffic jams, the little alleyways in the centre and seemingly every bend of the river. For me, though, this is all new.

So we’ve done the tourist bit:

a walking tour of the city centre – the chap on the bike is Elgar who lived in Hereford for a while, writing the Enigma Variations here,

a visit to the cathedral which was displaying the beautiful and moving “Weeping Window” as well as its famous Mappa Mundi.

and lots of walking along the riverbank when the weather allowed.

This is nearby Hoarwithy.

PS I did write a blog at the beginining of April, describing our last month in Spain. However it was written on the ferry and, stupidly, I didnt realise it hadn’t uploaded on the their limited WiFi. So that explains the extra long gap between posts, then. Apologies.

Castles and Canals 

15 Aug

With temperatures routinely topping 40°C and the madness that is the Ionian during August, it seemed like a good idea at the time to spend it in the UK. It probably was the right decision but somehow we’d forgotten just how wet the British summer usually is. I know, I know – it was beautiful before we arrived. So here are some castles in the clouds. And canals. 

Conwy looking all mean and moody 

These rare moths don’t seem to mind, though 

Ludlow during a brief break in what was a day of almost relentless rain. Ten minutes later we were literally soaked to the skin. 

There was the odd sheltered spot in the castle itself. 

Chester has its own castle but a) it’s not in ruins and b) it’s a military museum and not my idea of fun so a cloudy walk along the Shropshire Union Canal followed by a Sunday roast dinner seemed a better idea. 

You don’t have to go far to be seemingly in open countryside. 

The rain just about held off for a walk along the Llangollen canal 

We walked up to the junction with the River Dee at Horseshoe Falls where a couple of kayaks were heading downstream. Annoyingly I just missed the picture of them going down that step in the falls. 

Geordie here was just about to turn back to Llangollen with his cargo of tourists when we met him. He didn’t want to hang about waiting for his burden to be reconnected. 

And finally, a cheese board – just because it made me smile.