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Castles and Canals 

15 Aug

With temperatures routinely topping 40°C and the madness that is the Ionian during August, it seemed like a good idea at the time to spend it in the UK. It probably was the right decision but somehow we’d forgotten just how wet the British summer usually is. I know, I know – it was beautiful before we arrived. So here are some castles in the clouds. And canals. 

Conwy looking all mean and moody 

These rare moths don’t seem to mind, though 

Ludlow during a brief break in what was a day of almost relentless rain. Ten minutes later we were literally soaked to the skin. 

There was the odd sheltered spot in the castle itself. 

Chester has its own castle but a) it’s not in ruins and b) it’s a military museum and not my idea of fun so a cloudy walk along the Shropshire Union Canal followed by a Sunday roast dinner seemed a better idea. 

You don’t have to go far to be seemingly in open countryside. 

The rain just about held off for a walk along the Llangollen canal 

We walked up to the junction with the River Dee at Horseshoe Falls where a couple of kayaks were heading downstream. Annoyingly I just missed the picture of them going down that step in the falls. 

Geordie here was just about to turn back to Llangollen with his cargo of tourists when we met him. He didn’t want to hang about waiting for his burden to be reconnected. 

And finally, a cheese board – just because it made me smile. 


Out and About

5 Jul


Neil had a week in the UK either side of our holiday in Turkey. The weather was, of course, pretty mixed as you might expect from the British summer but we tried to make the most of his time here, getting out and about on the good days. We didn’t go far but we’re blessed to live close to some beautiful places.


A trip to Chester has to include, as well as a bit of retail therapy, a walk along the banks of the river Dee and around the city walls.


The view from Loggerheads Country Park to Moel Famau is rather lovely


while the walk up to the ruined tower at the top of the Moel is always spectacular.


Probably my favourite local walk,though, is through the dunes at Conwy


and to the old town itself with its Norman Castle and old harbour.


What’s That Coming Over the Hill?

29 Dec

It’s a Dalek!


To be more precise it is, in fact, the DaLICK. It’s this year’s straw sculpture made by Snugburys Ice Cream and towers over the A51 Nantwich to Chester road. I’ve driven past it a few times but yesterday it seemed to loom out of the rapidly fading sunset and I just had to stop to take a picture even though it involved wading through a rather muddy field to get the best picture (my suede boots will never be the same again).

It really is very impressive. Not only is it a work of art in its own right but, as I discovered, it will suddenly light up and move its weapon towards you while chillingly advising you of your immanent extermination. The ice cream’s not half bad either.