Lefkada Living

11 Oct
Blog Lefkas Bridge Open

The floating bridge swings open for the canal traffic. It’s the essentially temporary nature of the bridge that allows Lefkas to keep island status rather than being part of the mainland.

Having taken refuge in Lefkas Marina to sit out the recent Medicane, we’re reluctant to leave for the remaining days of the season. We initially postponed our departure because of the a wet few days following the storm then stayed on to enjoy the town during the sunshine. Now the days are racing by and with the threat of more rain in the days preceding our flight it seems like a good idea to get all the jobs necessary to put the boat “to bed” done while the sun shines. Mind you, we’re not exactly rushing and there are certain jobs such as putting the dinghy away that can’t be done until the last day (it lives in the main cabin over winter).

Blog Lefkas Cat and Dog

Togetherness in a shady spot

It has to be said, though, we like it here. The town is the main one on the island so is still very much a place where people live as well as catering for the influx of tourists over the summer months. It’s a very sociable marina with both a full time live aboard community and those like us who only want to be on the boat while the weather holds out. So there are lots of evenings out where we’ve met some lovely people and always someone to ask about things like launderettes. I also need a filling so it’s a good time to get that sorted before any pain kicks in!

Blog Lefkas Green Tables

There are plentiful tavernas but this is probably our favourite – THE best house red wine in the Ionian and cheap!

Blog Lefkas Bikes

Bikes are really popular

Blog Lefkas Scooter

And scooters. Not all are classics like this one, though!

Oh, and did I mention there’s shore power?


2 Responses to “Lefkada Living”

  1. millieweb2 October 14, 2018 at 10:01 am #

    What? A bridge means it’s not an island? Tell that to the folk on Skye!
    But such a lovely place, no wonder you want to linger – I would too 👍😘

    • lamputts October 14, 2018 at 4:07 pm #

      Islands in Greece have monetary advantages for some reason and the canal is artificial even if it was started in 650 BC! Thanks for reading Millie 😊

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