Ionian Redeemed

19 Sep
Blog Mitikas Silhoutte

Everyone seems to gather as the sun goes down in Mitikas

I seem to have been posting a few, shall we say, less than enthusiastic entries of late. When Terry asked in the comments section if it was worth it (referring to Fiscardo in particular) I was beginning​ to wonder myself. But since then most days have been a demonstration ​of why we got into this little lark in the first place. The variety to the locations we visited seemed to reflect the different sides of our personalities.

Blog Sivota Fisherman Chair

Sivota, Lefkada

We spent a few blustery days in Sivota, getting lucky on our favourite spot again, generally doing all the boaty and domestic jobs, followed by a few more indulgent days that involved over eating at the Family Taverna. Oh, and a football match. And rather a lot to drink.

Blog Port Leone

Port Leone, Kalamos

Something completely different was called for after that. We chose what is probably our favourite island of Kalamos anchoring in Port Leone first then on to Port Kalamos itself. Finally we crossed the short stretch of water to the mainland and the small harbour of Mitikas where we were again lucky enough to get the last place on the inside of the quay.

Blog Mitikas Table

The perfect spot to watch the sunset in Mitikas

I’ve written about all of these places before (Here) so enough said. I’ll just add that the weather was absolutely perfect with warm breezy days and cooler nights. And no one pulled up our anchor or tried to crush us. Like I said – this is what it’s all about.


2 Responses to “Ionian Redeemed”

  1. millieweb2 September 19, 2018 at 4:51 pm #

    Looks and sounds wonderful! As I write, we have Storm Ali battering us – oh for some Greek sunshine. Enjoy!!

    • lamputts September 20, 2018 at 1:31 pm #

      Stay safe, Millie. Yes, making the most of the good weather – September is very fickle.

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