Ten A Day 

24 Feb

You’ve no doubt heard about the recent study that recommends we each eat ten portions of fruit and vegetables every day. It was widely reported in the British press and TV (here for example). If, like me, your first reaction was “Don’t be ridiculous”, you were also probably further perturbed by the suggestion that only two of these should be fruit and canned or frozen was bad news.

Now, I’ve always thought we managed to get fairly near the five a day currently recommended, at least most days, but looking at what a portion actually is I’ve started to doubt it. Increasing this to ten portions would need a radical change in our eating habits and I don’t know if I’m prepared to do it, to be honest. Neil takes a lot of persuading to eat most vegetables as it is.

However, the reported analysis showed even increasing intake by small amounts had a health boon – obviously more is even better. One of the researchers mentioned by the BBC, Dr Dagfinn Aune, said: “Fruit and vegetables have been shown to reduce cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and to boost the health of our blood vessels and immune system.”

I already have issues with cholesterol and hypertension. After initially totally rejecting the idea, particularly as I misunderstood that tinned tomatoes and frozen peas would have to be excluded (it’s just fruit they’re on about), I came to the conclusion that I’d have to give it some more thought and at least try. The local supermarket here in Spain has an excellent assortment of fresh fruit and vegetables and seems to be a lot cheaper than in the UK so really we don’t have any excuse.

So this morning I piled a selection into the trolley, much to Neil’s bemusement (I think that’s the right word) but he went along with it. Unpacking the shopping at the munchie time of around 11 o’clock I automatically cut myself a wedge of cheese. Now hang on, thought I. This is when I should be choosing vegetables not delicious Stilton. I duly cut some carrots and celery into batons (eating the Stilton as I did so – well, I’d already cut it) and spooned a dollop of guacamole onto the plate to dip into. Not bad. In fact really very good.

With no great expectations I offered Neil the plate. He rejected the celery, of course, but cautiously dipped a piece of carrot into the green glupe, then another. It wasn’t long before he asked for his own plate and gave the verdict that they were really quite moreish! Being hungry helped, I suspect. Round one to the vegetables. Now what am I supposed to do with this huge bag of Spinach?

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