Barn Dance 

30 Oct

Neil doesn’t dance. That is to say, he does do a sort of stomp to “One Step Beyond” and will shuffle his feet for a smooch but anything else is strictly to give me someone to dance with. So it came as something of a surprise at the recent U3A meeting when he announced he’d got tickets for their Barn Dance. I really didn’t see that coming.

I suspect there may have been some second thoughts but it was too late to back out and last night saw us heading out of town on the minibus. That itself had been a bit touch a go. As we took our seats it became apparent that all was not well. The driver wanted paying in advance, the organiser was declining to do so until the return journey and we had standoff. With the numbers on board finally agreeing with the list (minus four) there were calls of “Vamos!” But we didn’t vamos anywhere. We sat there, the driver unwavering.

It was the organiser who blinked first and handed over the sealed envelope. A receipt was reciprocated. The minibus set forth bouncing over every speed ramp with back-jarring, barely suppressed aggression. So it was with some relief we entered the pleasant surroundings of the restaurant and found our seats in a very well organised set up. OK, so the meal was a bit underwhelming but the wine flowed pretty freely.

Perhaps thanks to alcohol inspired enthusiasm the floor filled easily and any inhibitions were soon suppressed. I’ve never seen Neil so keen to get on the dance floor! It was clear that nobody had much of an idea what they were doing and it really didn’t matter. Which way round were we supposed to go? Where are we supposed to be now? Are we couple three or four? Ah, who cares? By the end of the evening we were kicking up our heels with best of them (not that there were many of those!) I tell you what – pensioners really know how to enjoy themselves.

All too soon the call that the minibus was outside was given out resulting in an understandable stampede for the toilets. Despite very real doubts, the driver had turned up and had thankfully also calmed down. It was too late, though. He wasn’t getting a tip from this lot.


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