Tapas Trail 

15 Oct

Jávea is holding its tapas route in the port this weekend.

The idea is for the restaurants in the area to offer little individual seafood dishes, each chef producing something different to showcase their skills. We punters then buy as many tickets as we like to sample whatever takes our fancy. Naturally, there are drinks to go with the tapas and corresponding tickets for those, too.

It all sounded a bit complicated but worked surprisingly well. With dishes like “mackerel in citrus marinade with lemon thyme’, ‘seasonal mushroom, peach and prawn parcels’ and ‘smoked sardines topped with cherry pepper confit’ along with another sixteen other choices of course we gave it a go.

The lunchtime session was a bit underwhelming, though, perhaps because of the heat and many seemed to prefer to linger on the beach. The evening, however, was a different beast altogether. With craft stalls doing a roaring trade, a singer serenading those that chose the sea wall as their bar stool and a jazz band getting people dancing in the street, the result was a wonderful buzz.

The restaurants were really giving it their all, offering not just the advertised individual dishes but pizza, paella and numerous other little fancies, much to Neil’s approval with him not being the biggest fan of fish. We might just look in again tomorrow.


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