Marina Life

3 Aug


We’ve taken the plunge. We’ve only gone and reserved a marina berth for 12 months, something we’ve never done before. It’s a logical decision for the way we want to use the boat now and less eye-wateringly expensive with the smaller version. Still enough to make us gulp a bit, though!

So we’re living the marina life for a few days and it feels like a holiday! For a start the boat is still. It seems like she’d been rocking and rolling since we left the canal. There’s a bit of wind but, with a lazy-line and land in every direction, what may have caused a few worries (for me at least) becomes a wonderful cooling breeze as we laze around the pool.


The water and electricity is included. Yes, shore power!!! Fans everywhere and everything charged up plus unlimited hot water on tap. Desi has had a good wash down and there are showers – real showers, you know, the ones that gush water from overhead and you don’t have to pump out afterwards.

The supermarket on site is good for the basics but a short walk away there’s a huge one (by Greek standards) where we went a bit mad on arrival. Thank goodness for the granny shopping trolly! The whole area is geared up towards yacht maintenance and we’ve sussed out a few places who may be able to help sort out a few things for us over winter.

Yes, it’s been a lovely break but now we’re hankering for the bays near by. And we can come back any time we like. Happy face.


One Response to “Marina Life”

  1. vinneve August 16, 2016 at 9:07 am #

    Nice life! Yes it sounds like another holiday 🙂

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