Water Maker

28 Jul


After what turned out to be a better than expected stay in Levkas we were back in Sivota. Again. Now, we both quite like the place. One of our favourite restaurants is there as well as a family run taverna, popular with live-aboards, that has become in effect our local watering hole. However, we’d spent longer there than we’d normally choose as the local engineer has been trying to sort out our non functioning water maker.

It was the engineer who had summoned us this time as the parts he’d ordered had come in. He duly arrived on Friday afternoon with his new apprentice in tow, identified all the necessary piping, surmised that the previous owner had fitted it himself in a rather unorthodox fashion and opened his box of parts. You’ve guessed it, wrong parts. Could we hang about until Monday?

We hung about, the new pump was fitted, fresh(ish) water came out of the tap and fresher water went into the tank. That’s where the unorthodox fitting bit is not so good. The sea water only goes through the final filter after the tap. Neil, with a stronger stomach than me, has happily drunk the tap water, so far with no ill effects but we’ve both decided to stick with the bottled.

So this begs the question ”Is it worth it?”
Well, that really remains to be seen but it is an awful lot of faff. It will have to be run every couple of days at least or the filters will need changing and the whole point for us was that we’d be able to stay longer at anchor. Do we want to do that?

Having said that we’ve already noticed that it has taken some of the pressure off minimising our water usage. It’s quite liberating not having to worry about how much we’re using when we shower, for instance. Each time Neil sets the pump running (I leave all that to him) the time it takes is reduced. It’s early days yet so we’ll see.



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