23 Jul


I confess. The internet is now something I would struggle to live without. True, it is the most reliable way to get an up to date weather forecast which is essential as is being able to pay bills etc. But let’s face it, access to the web is so much more than that. I get to see my lovely nephew’s prom photos and catch up with the news in Abu Dhabi, for example, things that would be almost impossible without it. And, of course, I post this blog.

I don’t consider it a luxury. It’s up there with being able to shower – you could live without it but really wouldn’t want to and you’d be pretty anti-social. So it was one of our priorities when we moved on board. Somehow, though, it is never easy and always ends up costing more than you expect.

You’ve probably had a moan about internet providers and we’ve certainly had our issues in both the UK and UAE but we’ve sworn never to have a contract in Greece ever again. So we knew what we wanted, a MiFi on pay-as-you-go. First problem: no MiFi in one of the few specialist provider shops in the Ionian. We settle for a dongle that has to be plugged into a PC but we can cope with that and, hey presto, trouble free internet for a month.


Now it’s time to renew which should be possible on line except our tablet is incompatible with the app. No problem, we have the PC. Neil types in the number on the log in page and presses submit. A temporary password will be sent to the phone, apparently, except we’re not on a phone we’re on a PC and going around in circles. We ask advice at a small phone shop in Mitika where an incredibly helpful owner rings the provider up himself. All we have to do is buy a ticket at a nearby kiosk, he’s told.

Our Greek is pretty much limited to please and thank you and the kiosk owner doesn’t have a word of English but his pal is passing who he yells over. Via this translator we’re able to communicate what we’re after having been given specific instructions what to ask for and return to the shop clutching the fragile slip of paper worth 30 Euros. The owner uses his own computer to try to add the money to our dongle but to no avail.

Another phone call to the provider to discover that, yes, we have the right bit of paper but the number of the sim card is for a phone not a dongle and there’s absolutely nothing the provider can do about it. We need another sim only available at their own shop. In Levkas.

Three days later and we’re back in Levkas this time tied to the quay and paying the necessary to the Port Police. While I indulge in a little retail therapy (so not all bad) Neil heads to the shop. No problem, you can buy a new sim and there is this new deal that will give you internet for 3 months and you can use the money paid at the kiosk to top up. Except we’re leaving Greece in less than 3 months and the paper slip will expire in 6 months. Before we get back. Aghhhh!


4 Responses to “T’Internet”

  1. GeorgieMoon July 23, 2016 at 7:09 am #

    I feel your pain. We have a mifi unit but as it was more than three months since we had used the SIM card, we had to start again and buy a new Wind SIM card rather than renew the old one. When it ran out after a month, I successfully bought a voucher from a kiosk in Astakos to renew it by asking for data only and showing them the envelope in which the new SIM card came in. It was £18 for 6gb for 15 days, but it is cheaper from the Wind shop, £16 euro for a month. We had to text the code on voucher by using the text facility on the mifi when the log in screen comes up on tablet or PC, not by phone.
    This morning the Mifi unit wouldn’t switch on! We’ve had it over three years, we think the battery has expired! Oh no! Crisis! I’m so desperate I’ve been looking up the bus times from Vasiliki, where we are, to Lefkas town! As you say, it’s impossible to live without Tinternet!

    • lamputts July 23, 2016 at 1:43 pm #

      We got the data voucher from the kiosk in Astakos but the Wind shop had put the wrong sim in the dongle so the voucher was a complete waste of money (30 euros!). To be fair, the 3 month deal was very good value for 6gb at 25 euros – if only we could have got that in the beginning! We’re back in Sivota again with the dratted water maker – they’d supplied the wrong parts so waiting for another delivery on Monday.

  2. brummytezzarummytezza July 23, 2016 at 6:43 pm #

    Cathy, it’s been 10 months since we’ve been to sea. We miss it when our thoughts turn to: deserted anchorages, swimming in warm crystal clear water, new and interesting ports, great tavernas.

    Your blog brings us nicely back to reality: crowded anchorages, charter fleets, party boats, anchor wars, 3am katabatic winds, blocked holding tanks, diesel bugs, mosquitoes and cabins like saunas.

    Keep it up!

    Terry & Mo

    • lamputts July 24, 2016 at 5:30 am #

      I think it was the same when we were in AD, remembering the best bits and conveniently disregarding the rest. It’s not that we didn’t remind ourselves it’s just the good times were so appealing. I think they still out way the hassle – at least for the moment – it could be a different story in August!

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