And Relax

26 Jun

It was the chandlers that took us to Nidri next. Along with the adjoining Vlicho Bay, Nidri is popular with live-aboards, and we’ve certainly had some good times there, but it’s not a favourite stop of ours. We managed to get onto a pontoon, one that looked in a lot better condition than the last time we were here and the new owners had installed lazy lines (ropes fixed to the seabed that can be attached to the bow of a boat instead of using your own anchor).
It’s not a quiet spot, though. Attracting land-based holiday makers as well as the boating crowd, it has a lot to offer. Restaurants and bars line the water front, with the parallel back street containing a plentiful assortment of supermarkets, bakeries, souvenir shops and giros takeaways. Nestled among these is still the occasional hardware shop and a decent chandlers, all making it a good place to re-provision. We got a few things we hadn’t found in Levkas town and got a few more jobs done, making the stop worthwhile one and busy again.
People on holiday don’t tend to be at their quietest, though, and coupled with the party boats that like to have music blaring to attract the punters, doesn’t make for the most peaceful of nights. It is, however, usually well protected from most winds but an uncomfortable swell can get in. You’ve guessed it – in it came.
Thankfully, our sea legs had returned quickly, the lazy lines seemed up to the job and we didn’t have to worry about anybody’s anchor dragging. We slept like the proverbial logs.
All the same we were glad to be moving on again. The plan to spend a few nights at anchor in a quiet bay next was scuppered by the weather forecast, though.


Watching the rain approach

Thunderstorms were on the way. With this in mind, we chose instead to head the short distance to Sivota on the same island. This can be just as noisy, it’s true, and a flotilla company has made it it’s base but we have always been fond of the smaller scale resort. Picking the weekend with the flotilla crews change over could have been a mistake but wasn’t a problem as it turned out. At least not yet! We found a place in our “usual” spot and had lunch at a favourite cafe. The changes weren’t at first immediately apparent but then we realised things seem to have been smartened up a bit, gone a bit more up market, perhaps.
The rain and thunder rolled in as predicted but we almost welcomed them as the temperature and humidity dropped and it was all over by a surprisingly chilly night fall. We really must get some bedding sorted out!


2 Responses to “And Relax”

  1. GeorgieMoon June 26, 2016 at 5:13 pm #

    We have just come through the Lefkas canal and will be moored on the quay for a few days. Tim may need to order an electrical part for the boat, to be sent here. I agree with you totally ablit Nidri. But there is a laundrette, and useful chandleries. We like Sivota very much, but it got very busy these days.

    • lamputts June 27, 2016 at 10:27 am #

      Shame we missed you in Levkas. We’re still in Sivota as Neil needed a word with the Yacht Services here. Currently doing our washing and will hang around for the football tonight. Hopefully head for a couple of days in Port Atheni tied to the rocks soon.

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