Nervous Night

24 Jun


All calm and still at sunset. Who’d have thought?

It was lovely to be at anchor yesterday. The bay was relatively quiet, probably off the flotilla routes, and most of the crews seemed to be owners. This makes them, like us, more protective of the boat which can have it. s plus points and negatives. I remarked on the skipper who’d put 60 meters of chain out in my last post, feeling this was perhaps a bit overcautious, shall we say. Now we know he may have had a point.
Neil had obliged him by putting out more chain on Desi even though this brought us closer to him and no real wind had been forecast. But the bay wasn’t crowded and we do like to be a bit generous with the chain ourselves if possible. When a gust came whipping down the hillside just as we were getting ready for bed we had reason to be grateful.
At first the gusts were well spaced and just had us checking we were holding as we stretched out. We always make a point of digging the anchor well in but we’d never used this one before and it seemed like quite a baby compared to the one on Seren Mor. Satisfied, we went to bed.
We never got to sleep, though. It wasn’t long before the wind had all the boats spinning around in every direction in a constantly changing dance. We all seemed well spaced, however and everybody seemed to be holding. Everything seemed to peak at around 4am and we were both sitting watch in the cockpit, sleep being impossible. We’d managed to get the bimini in earlier and put another line on the dinghy, things that used to be part of our routine but had been neglected in all the other concerns of the day. So there was little more we could do but watch.
At first we weren’t sure. Was it just how we were all swinging every which way or was the boat with 60 meters out further away from us than before? Should we try to tell him and was that even possible above the noise? We needn’t have worried; they were on to it. We stood by ready to start our own engine if they got into difficulties as they raised the anchor and manoeuvred in the awkward conditions but they chose a spot further away and dropped it again very professionally.
By about 5:30 we were more confident and snatched a bit of sleep although Neil did keep checking regularly. Perhaps understandably, we weren’t too keen to linger the next morning and convinced ourselves the wind was less. We escaped without incident and even managed a Man Overboard drill for Neil’s hat as we left. All the same, we’re hoping for a quiet night tonight.


2 Responses to “Nervous Night”

  1. brummytezza June 24, 2016 at 7:38 pm #

    Yep – brings it all flooding back. We reckoned that on average we would have one of those nights every week. Now I do worry about the tall arucacia in the garden in Moraira when it’s windy – but not to the extent of loosing too much sleep. Must be getting old. Brexit blues here today.

    • lamputts June 25, 2016 at 6:29 am #

      We couldn’t quite believe the Brexit result – turkeys voting for Christmas springs to mind :-/

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