Launch Day

23 Jun


23rd June 2016

A significant date for the UK with the Brexit referendum taking place today (we voted a couple of weeks ago by post) but special for us for a completely different reason. Desert Dream was launched today.
This is always an anxiety inducing process and especially so this time. Not only were we in an unfamiliar boatyard but we’re still very much getting to know the boat and this was the first time for everything: the first time the engine was started properly, the first time using a different make of chart plotter, the first time dropping the anchor and so on and so forth. Even raising the bathing platform took time to work out.
We now know a little more about Desi, though. Being a smaller boat than we’re used to, we found her much more sensitive to steer, like a skittish horse (not that I know anytime about horses, you understand). We know we need to put some markers on the anchor chain to give us a better idea how much we’re putting out. We know to put the propeller of the fancy electric outboard on to the dinghy before assembling it. We know the comfort of the cockpit needs some serious attention. And that’s before we even get to the sails.


Some things remain the same, however: that sense of the boat coming alive as she gets into deep water, the blessed relief from the heat as she moves, the sheer thrill of being back on board, the delights of a marine toilet, banging your head on the spray hood, the guy with 60 meters of chain out in 6 meters of water, bobbing around at anchor as the afternoon breeze picks up, hoping that it doesn’t pick up anymore and checking the forecast for updates more often than is probably reasonable.
We’ll get there, where ever there is.


2 Responses to “Launch Day”

  1. brummytezza June 23, 2016 at 11:38 pm #

    Cathy – you put it so well. Brings back vivid memories of our med sailing days, Hearing your comments makes me feel like a referendum voter. 50% of me wants the moment when the sails draw and you turn off the donkey or diving into crystal clear waters. 50% thinks I’m glad I don’t want to nervously watch latecomers anchor inappropriately or lie in my bunk wishing I’d put out more chain (get the spray paint out on that chain) as the wind rises.

    • lamputts June 24, 2016 at 5:35 am #

      We had both scenarios yesterday, Terry. Lovely day, nightmarish night. No sleep but at least the anchor held.

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