Still Waiting

7 Jun


It’s Ramadan. In Abu Dhabi this means that everyone is fasting, feeling generally a bit sluggish and, understandably, a bit irritable with less mental agility to apply to work. The authorities understand this and for this reason, as well as to allow more time for prayer, working hours are reduced. This is all very laudable but it makes the Holy Month not the best time to be waiting for your visa cancellation.
Neil’s last working day was on Sunday so it was unfortunate timing from this point of view. He has now handed over the keys of our apartment to the owner’s agent and is spending his last few days at a friend’s while the paperwork is completed. It all takes time. His flight home is booked but it will be touch and go if everything will be sorted in time. Imshallah.


Meanwhile, I wait at home, kicking my heels a bit, although I must admit to enjoying a bit of British summer. I’m loving pottering around our small garden, watching the different plants come into bloom. Most of those planted last year seem to be establishing themselves well and even the camellia is thriving although no sign of any flower buds yet. The wisteria and white lilac have been glorious but are now coming to an end as the cianthus is in its full glory while only today the geraniums put out their first happy little flowers.


I can understand why Paradise is so often pictured as a garden.


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