Las Fallas

19 Mar


Today is Saint Joseph’s Day (also Father’s Day here in Spain). This is a big deal in the Valencia region as there is a long tradition of Las Fallas. Nowadays these are elaborate sculptures that take all year to design and build. They are set up a few days before and each day leading up to the 19th builds the excitement.
We were in Denia on Thursday to watch them all taking shape and already there were marching bands, girls in beautiful costumes and kids setting off firecrackers on every street.
Today, though is “La Crema” or The Burning. Yes, that’s right. They spend all year building these remarkable displays and then spend one night burning the lot. Well, except for one. The Fallas judged to be the best is spared but quite what they do with it then I really don’t know!


The Fallas are often very political or making a point about life in the area. Some are surprisingly explicit!


There’s more about las Fallas on our old blog:



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  1. vinneve March 20, 2016 at 11:29 am #

    Very nice!

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