8 Mar


March tends to be a lovely month in Abu Dhabi. The temperature is rising but the humidity hasn’t kicked in yet so it’s one of the few months where it is a pleasure to be outside. So we decided to spend March in Europe.
Not just anywhere in Europe, though. We’re not that daft. No, our chosen destination was the area renowned for the highest sunshine hours in Spain. Mind you, on landing in Madrid to a temperature of just 1° above freezing it did occur to me to wonder what on earth we were thinking. You can imagine the relief, then, when heading south, descending the country’s central mountains to sea level at Valencia, the dashboard of the little hire car read a very pleasant 24°C.


Sunrise over a chilly Madrid

Arriving in Jàvea always feels like coming home but, shattered after our night flight, all we could manage was a quick shop to get in basic provisions before crashing out earlier than most here would have their first aperitivo. The next morning was a different story. Rushing out into the early morning sunshine, it was such a delight to be walking along the seafront again and reacquainting ourselves with the delights of pavement cafes. It wasn’t long before we were bumping into friends not seen for a couple of years. Yes, we made the right decision.



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