Bangkok: Day 3

1 Nov


I can recommend the nightlife in Bangkok. Maybe you have to be a bit broad minded and there were certainly streets where I preferred not to linger but the buzz is amazing. Halloween in a gay bar in Bangkok should be on everyone’s bucket list.
So we slept well. And got up a bit later than planned. And we needed a couple of paracetamol before breakfast. But,hey, we stuck to our plan: boat to the Flower Market then taxi to Vimanmek Palace.
The Flower Market doesn’t actually have any flowers. It should be renamed “the produce and hardware market” so unless you’re into great mounds of onion bags maybe give it a miss. It was easy to get a metered taxi outside, though, and the driver was great, telling us what we were looking at on the drive there, mostly in the language of sound effects!
The Vimanmek is a bit of an ordeal. Security involves bag searches, frisking and airport-style walk through scanners as well as hand held. After all that you still have to leave your bag in a locker, which are in short supply. No photos or mobile phones are allowed and no shoes to protect the floor. Inside there’s air conditioning.
It occurred to us to go to the nearby temple afterwards but a beer by the hotel’s infinity pool sounded much more appealing. Well. We have very full days coming up and this is a holiday!
We’re unlikely to have access to the internet over the next few days but I’ll post about the cruise up the River Kwai when I get chance. Hope to see you then.



One Response to “Bangkok: Day 3”

  1. malongoman November 1, 2015 at 10:41 am #

    great blog and happy memories of the city. Love those infinity pools. TBH we weren’t quite sure what to make of Bangkok. I’ll send you a pic of the Grand Palace the day we visited, shoes off and trousers rolled up….get ready to wade in….Happy travels!

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