29 Oct

It’s a mark of how times and technology have changed that going to Thailand for a holiday should seem like not such a big deal to many. For me, growing up in Stoke in the seventies and watching “The King and I” on Sunday afternoon TV with my grandmother, I certainly never dreamed I’d be heading for Siam.
Now a popular destination, of course, nevertheless it still feels like an adventure. Neither of us has been to the Far East at all before but Thailand comes recommended to us as the choice for beginners. I confess, it does make me a bit anxious for some reason. I worry about the food, the sanitation, the scams we’ve read so much about.
The easiest option would have been to let a tour company organise the whole thing and guide us everywhere but we soon realised we wanted to stay more in control ourselves. Consequently, Neil has spent much of his free time researching, emailing and booking all the different components that have now come together into an itinerary. Even though we’re sticking very much to the established tourist trail, it still has a large element of the unknown. There are still a few gaps where we know we’ll have to wing it a bit but are still sincerely hoping we haven’t forgotten anything vital and everything goes to plan. Time will tell, I suppose!
It’s a pretty intensive schedule, particularly at first but I’m hoping I’ll have time to keep a diary of the whole experience which I’ll post on the blog as internet access permits.
So tonight we fly to Thailand. Siam.
“Getting to know you…”



2 Responses to “Thailand”

  1. Stuart October 30, 2015 at 8:47 pm #

    Looking forward to your adventures. Safe journey!

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