2 Oct


Trying to cram in all the sites of Istanbul into a couple of days left us pretty exhausted. Never fear, we had time to get over it and relax on the Turkish coast. A smooth domestic flight to Dalaman was followed by a less than smooth transfer (maybe something was lost in translation on booking) to a pretty apartment in Kalkan. Something of a British enclave it might be but nevertheless the restaurants here happen to be amongst the best while the bars have the rugby on and a good local beer. So that’s us happy.
After a couple of days lazing by the pool and overindulging in the evening, however, we were ready for a bit of culture again. Kalkan is virtually on the “Lycian Way” with all its ancient cities just waiting to be explored. After all, what better way to spend your wedding anniversary is there than walking round loads of ruins? Seriously, we do actually like this stuff. As usual, you need to get there early to appreciate them and, as usual, we were the first there. It did mean Neil had to negotiate an early pick up for the hire car but I’m sure the rental guy didn’t mind getting up at first light.
First stop Xanthos.


Designated a UNESCO world heritage site, it is extraordinarily accessible and for very little money. The ticket office had just opened when we arrived and for about half an hour we had the place to ourselves. Except for a couple of dogs, that is, who latched on to Neil (everywhere we go) and followed him around. When the coach load of Japanese tourists arrived we headed in the opposite direction and got the other side of the site to ourselves as well, still early enough to surprise the wild tortoises. Another stop at nearby Letoon and we’d had our fill of ruins for one day. I think we’ve done every bit of of crumbling rock in the area now.
So it was on to the beach resort of Olu Deniz near Fethiya and a welcome dip in the famous blue lagoon, my first swim since June, and lunch. What do you have for lunch on your anniversary? Pizza of course! Very nice it was, too.



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