Have The Cash Ready

21 Jul

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog so you may have been wondering what we’ve been up to. Go on with you, what do you mean by “it hadn’t occurred” to you? Well, I’m going to tell you anyway.
Neil is back at work. He has survived the trials and tribulations of Ramadan and the wild exuberance of Eid largely unscathed. Abu Dhabi is still mostly shut for the summer, though.
Now me, I have been waiting around for delivery and repair men, and yes, they have all been men, most of whom have come close to catching me in my nightie. This is not because I sit around all morning in a state of undress, well not all morning, but rather that this neck of the woods seems to be the first stop for the day. I want to inform everybody that when a well known catalogue store says they deliver from 7am and will call you an hour before, what they actually mean is they will come at 06:45 with a four minute warning. You’ll then get an automated message two hours later to “remind” you that they are coming. Go figure.
Houses and their contents don’t like to be left. You expect things to sicken and, indeed, expire but it is very difficult to keep on top of these things from distance. This summer is my opportunity to remedy a few of these. Where to begin, though?


Off for recycling?

The dishwasher has been failing for some time. When it gave a final whimper we had to decide whether to resuscitate or declare it “Not For 222”. With the offer of a no fix/no fee visit a multi-organ transplant was attempted. When, some three hours later, it emerged that no suitable donor was available, all attempts at life saving measures were abandoned. Cue new dishwasher.
This gleaming piece arrived bright and early, as described, with a jobbing surgeon offering to do the necessary “after work”. This quick 15 minute job became two hours of swearing when it emerged that the defunct machine had been installed underneath the fitted kitchen. Various incisions and amputations were made then, lo and behold, clean dishes emerged.
The washing machine, on the other hand, was showing symptoms of unknown origin, the flashing “pause” button suggesting a vital conductivity cause. Diagnosis proved difficult, however, as the intermittent nature of the illness made isolating the failing appendage tricky. Exploratory surgery was attempted but the patient continues to experience periods of malaise while making a valiant attempt to continue an active and fulfilling life.
Drain pipes and guttering have suffered over the winter, drooping and leaking with age (careful with the comments here, please!) and causing damp patches. These are on the waiting list for remedial support, hopefully in the near future.
Not to be outdone by the outside plumbing, the hall radiator developed erosion and leakage issues. No attempt at revival was made and a replacement awaits the imminent appearance of the surgeon as I write.


I just wish there was an NHS for household items!


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