Desert Wind

23 Feb

Yes, that building is bendy.

You may have seen news reports at the weekend about the fire at The Torch Tower in Dubai, the flames fanned by the high winds. Thankfully no one was injured but it comes as a reminder of the power of the elements.

There’s usually a breeze here, particularly in the afternoons, but we’re having a run of days that have the wind really whipping round the tall towers. When you’ve lived on a boat you develop a very real respect for the wind and the crescendo of a gust building can still make me tense up. The difference with living on the land, though, is that I no longer feel that sickening fear. Even the thunderous rumble you get this high up is only annoying if it disturbs sleep.

But the wind here doesn’t carry the tang of salty sea spray. Here it’s sand filling the air, coating all surfaces with a thick reddish dust that’s hard to clean off and obscuring the horizon. Many of those working outside cover their faces with scarves or even surgical masks. Fortunately, Abu Dhabi is geared up for indoor living so it hasn’t curtailed our activities too much, merely forcing us not to eat on the terrace during brunch and closing the swimming pool. It’s a hard life.


One Response to “Desert Wind”

  1. ladyfi February 24, 2015 at 5:41 am #

    Being in a sandstorm is no fun! Glad to hear no one was hurt in the fire.

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