Green Mubazzarah

19 Feb


At the foot of Jebel Hafeet is Green Mubazzarah, an unexpected splash of colour in the desert landscape. It’s a public area fed by hot springs that have been channelled into streams and is unsurprisingly very popular, particularly at weekends I’m told. We arrived midweek and it had a lovely relaxed and sociable feel occupied mostly by women and a few pensioners.

We had to indulge in a little paddle, of course. Even though I knew the water was hot, it still took me by surprise just how hot! At the top of the stream the spring is pumped up to spray out of rocks creating a feature that encouraged a good soaking even if fully clothed. We managed to restrain ourselves – very British, don’t you know.


Others had come better prepared to spend the day than us. Mats, camping chairs, barbecues and coolbags had been brought along and set up in shady spots under trees or the roofed shelters that were dotted about. We managed to nab one of these to unwrap our butties. Very pleasant it was, too.



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