Christmas Approaching

10 Dec


Abu Dhabi is an excellent place if you want to avoid the whole Christmas shenanigans. In fact it’s quite hard to feel Christmassy at all. Sure there are a few decorations for sale and shopping for clothes is restricted to red, black and gold, as always, but it all seems so artificial and contrived somehow. To be fair, we’ve been down-playing the whole fandango for a few years now but there was always a bit of a buzz. It may have taken us until Christmas Eve to buy a tree but we eventually succumbed. I don’t think we will this year. It’s still in the mid 20’s in the shade, the sky is a perfect blue and the sea warm. It can get a bit chilly in the breeze but nothing a light cardigan can’t put right.

I’ve bought a box of posh mince pies. They are delicious but haven’t done anything to simulate the yuletide mood. Perhaps the problem is the lack of a good Stilton and a drop of port. We’ve booked a meal out with friends on the day itself but really this is just a more expensive version of the popular Friday Brunch. And it’s a working day.

Perhaps it’s different if you have children and are trying to make it special for them. Do they do the whole Christmas thing at school here? I doubt it. Yas Marina is trying to help. They have sprayed the foliage with white foam and filled a small fenced area with white chemical powder along with spongy “snow” balls and plastic snowmen. Your kids can play in the stuff for 20 minutes if you hand over the equivalent of about £5 for each of them.


Even so, with all the talk of “weather bombs” back in the UK, I think I’d rather be here.


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