Feeling Old

29 Nov


Sooner or later we all start to feel our age. For me this has really become noticeable living out here in AD. To not be working seems to be unthinkable for a start and there’s no getting away from the fact that everyone else is younger. But it is an attitude of mind also.

You know when:

The high street fashions look like something your mother would wear in the 70’s and you can’t tell the difference between a dress and night attire.

You hardly recognise anyone in the gossip magazines and those you do are described as “veteran”.

You compliment someone by saying they look like Audrey Hepburn and they say “Who?”

Your children seem to be talking a foreign language: “Started a mini build on JebTek. Crashed my client and can’t log in. Reset coords – no help. Oh well!”

Everyone on the telly mumbles. You look at each other “What did he say?” “No idea”. Suddenly subtitles are an attractive feature.

Your (much younger) companions burst out laughing saying “Look at the old people dancing!” Hilarious.

You’d much rather drink chilled dry wine than a sweet, fruity cocktail and you just don’t see the point of shots.

You get much more excited at the prospect of a restaurant doing an Italian theme night than Creamfields. Who? What?

The piped chill out music is more irritating than relaxing while the stuff they play to get you going in the gym isn’t what you’d call music at all and you know you sound like your Dad.


You rediscover Bob Marley. Not all bad, then.



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