Dragon Boat Racing

23 Nov


We stumbled (almost literally) on the sport of Dragon Boat Racing at the weekend. The original intention had been to spend the morning at Yas Marina, have a bite to eat and take a peek at all the super yachts reported to have arrived for the F1 Grand Prix. How naïve can you get? We were, of course, thwarted at the first hurdle by silly prices for parking. I can only imagine the scrum for tables at lunch.

Abandoning the idea pretty pronto, we were soon heading back to the main island. Passing the Eastern Mangroves, it occurred to us a pleasant stroll along the waterfront was just what was needed. I was clicking away with the camera, getting fairly boring pictures of fishermen, when rounding the corner by the hotel we ran into the Dragon Boats teams virtually camped out on the pavement. All these guys, muscles rippling as they paddled, now that made for a much better picture! Who needs super yachts?


The sport is thought to have originated in China more than 2000 years ago and has been taken up with great enthusiasm here in the UAE. Team names include Desert, Sea and Flying Dragons as well as Barracuda Paddlers and Dubai Diggers.



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