The Corniche

18 Nov


With the temperature now peaking at around 30 degrees in the shade going for a walk has finally become possible. We chose to start at one end of the Corniche for our first of the season and just thought we’d see how far we could get. Not very, as it turned out, shade being a bit on the scarce side for much of the way.

First stop was the marina – of course. Not as big as that on Yas Island and filled with mostly smaller motor boats it still has a sailing club, teaching youngsters in dinghies. The more impressive mobo’s we’d seen going past looked to have come from the nearby Presidential Palace which has a clearly visible marina of its own.


The climax of the Formula One Grand Prix season is taking place on Yas Island this weekend (not our thing) and the marina end of the Corniche (which is on the Abu Dhabi main island) has been taken up with a “Fanzone” which was still being erected as we walked past.  This will feature live outdoor screenings of the race and various other racing related activities along with an opportunity to buy merchandising, of course. I’m sure it will prove to be very popular but I can’t see us participating. Even so, there is already a buzz about the place in anticipation and even I can wax lyrical on the pros and cons of double points.

However, the Fanzone meant we had to walk along the roadside pavement rather than the shadier beach side which is what rather curtailed our walk. By the time we’d checked out the marina, ogled the Presidential and Emirates Palaces, crossed the bridge and walked along the road it was a blessed relief to find a bit of shade. We didn’t go much further, only making it as far as the public beach where a picturesque pavement cafe tempted us in. Maybe next time we’ll hire a couple of bikes.


The Public Beach


A tempting café


In front of the Emerates Palace beach with the Presidential Palace in the background and the barbed wire to discourage the plebs.


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