11 Oct


Dubai is only a couple of hours down the road from us and with the temperatures now 10° or so cooler than when I arrived, i.e. upper 30’s, the Eid long weekend seemed like a good opportunity to spend some time there. Abu Dhabi may be the capital of the UAE but Dubai got a 30 year start on erecting its glass towers. Much of it is still a building site but what is already there is stunning. Home to the world’s tallest building and biggest mall, well, that’s just the headlines.

Some unashamedly personal pictures:


The stunning waterfall inside the Dubai Mall. It cascades through several floors and some restaurants have tables next to it.


A particularly posh end of the mall where all the designer names have stores. Even the cafe is Armani.


More art work on a grand scale in the mall – thousands of birds feature in this one.


Dubai Marina – not many liveaboard’s here!


Ariel view of the Marina.


And at night – great view to accompany a few cocktails before dinner. Living the highlife, literally.


A couple of glasses of Prosecco the following night. Cool enough to spend some time outside at last.


It’s not all high rises. Does this make anyone else think of the Beatles? OK, not really.


2 Responses to “Dubai”

  1. malongoman October 13, 2014 at 8:21 pm #

    Another great blog and I need to pull my finger out with my writing. It’s a very strange place, a bit Flash Gordon. We went last year (first time I’d visited since the mid 80s). Very very weird and vulgar but after a couple of days we accepted it for what it was and enjoyed it 🙂

    • lamputts October 14, 2014 at 3:27 am #

      Someone I used to work with used to go to Dubai regularly for holidays. I couldn’t really understand it at the time but I can see how it can grow on you. There’s a real buzz and you can have a luxurious lifestyle for a lot less than in most European cities.

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