29 Sep


It was our wedding anniversary at the weekend and that coupled with the fact that I am now the proud owner of an UAE ID card (Yay!) was definite cause for a celebration. A Friday Brunch was called for. But not just any old brunch, oh no. We booked for the Ritz Carlton.

In a city full of 5 star hotels, 7 stars even, the name alone conjures up something special. We were not disappointed. No, it is not as glitzy as the Emerates Palace but the huge marble entrance foyer and the wide sweeping staircase down to the restaurants leaves you in no doubt that this is a classy establishment. For the Friday brunch they open up all the different restaurants to buffet selections and cooking stations. Perhaps if I tell you they provide a pop-up map for each table so you can find your way around it might give you some idea of the bewildering array of food.

I can’t imagine anyone gets to try everything. We had a pretty good attempt, though.


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