20 Sep


I’ve only been here in Abu Dhabi a little over a fortnight but it feels much longer, slipping into some sort of routine and making myself at home straight away. It does seem a very different place, though, from when I was here last.

The summer is coming to an end and most of those who left to avoid the restrictions of Ramadan or just to escape the worst of the heat are now back. The schools have opened again, making it much busier generally. Many of the restaurants and cafes that closed during the low season have reopened and there’s much more of a buzz generally now that music and entertainment is allowed again (banned during Ramadan). I hadn’t even realised that there were no fountains (too frivolous, presumably) until they were switched on again. There’s even one clearly visable through our windows that I just hadn’t seen before.

We’ve discovered the Friday Brunches out here that have now started again and are something of an institution. Basically they are all you can eat (and drink) buffets that every hotel around here does each Friday lunch time. I’m not sure why they call them brunches unless it’s something to do with it being a good idea not to eat breakfast so you can eat more at lunch! It should be a whole different scene again once it cools down enough to sit outside as many buffets will include a barbeque by the pool or beach. It is our ambition to try all of them within taxi range and have already made a good start.

We still find it too hot to really enjoy most of the touristy things we want to do, although it is definitely a bit cooler – lower rather than upper 40’s. Still very humid most days, though. We’ve been told this disappears mid November, like someone has thrown a switch, they said. Others have already taken to sitting outside, particularly in the evening, but for the time being we prefer to keep to the air conditioned comfort. However the marina on Yas Island keeps drawing us back for a lunch time visit. Well, you know us and boats.


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