Sunday is the New Monday

13 Sep


As if the time difference wasn’t enough to mess with your body clock, living in Abu Dhabi can seriously mess with your body calendar. No, I’m not talking about the weather. It’s the working week that has got my head in a spin.

So (as they’d say on Pipit), Friday is the holy day and more like Sunday. Saturday is like Saturday only without the lie-in next day and roast dinners are often the lunch time speciality. And Sunday is Monday. Which means, of course, that Thursday is the new Friday and, in this city full of youngsters, you just have to go out. Which leads to Friday Brunch. Although a meal that doesn’t start until after midday is lunch in my book. Mind you, you’d be wise not to have breakfast. And you certainly won’t want dinner.

Yes, I think that explains it very nicely.


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