8 Aug


It now feels strange to be back home in the UK where all is familiar. Good in many ways, of course, but I’d got used to there being something new to experience on a daily basis while I was out in Abu Dhabi. Being home for a week has left me feeling, well, bored I suppose.

It’s so good to be back with family and friends but, of course, Neil is still in AD.
Someone who knows what it’s like to be caught between people and places, Alex Andreou, said in his blog “Anywhere I go I long for someone”
and he says it all much better than I can http://sturdyblog.wordpress.com/2014/06/27/ive-had-a-tiny-pebble-in-my-shoe-all-day/

There are definitely other pluses. The moderation of our summer climate is wonderful. How delightful to be able to spend time outdoors again, to walk around the open air market, to potter in the garden. It doesn’t take long living in a skyscraper in a blast furnace to appreciate these things. And yet…

I love hearing the church bells ringing but how much more exotic is the Muezzin’s call to prayer? How green and lush our countryside is but the lure of the white sands of the Arabian Gulf still pulls me. Then there is the live-aboard lifestyle and roaming in the caravan, both of which part of me wants to go back to, not to mention how at home I felt in Spain. And I still miss work friends, even the work itself at times. How selfish and trivial this all sounds, I really do know how lucky I am.

I want the excitement of travel, of a different way of life, new people and unknown foods. I just want to take those I love with me.


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