Eid Mubarak – Blessed Celebration

28 Jul


Eid al-Fitr dawned this morning, hot and heavy with humidity but welcome none the less. The Festival of the Breaking of the Fast after the long month of daylight abstenance is indeed a cause for celebration with the traditional greeting of “Eid Mubarak”. It has the feel of Christmas and August bank holiday rolled into one. With a Divine mandate not to fast it is cause for a big family meal, the exchange of gifts and time off work.

For those of us who have merely been required to be respectful of those observing Ramadan it still comes as a relief. Cafes and restaurants are open during the day, music is played in public places and entertainment is again permitted. Many take the opportunity to go on holiday. With the weekend on either side, Neil has over a week off which has fitted in nicely with my last few days in Abu Dhabi. Yes, I’m making use of that other plane ticket.

I may have been able to get my visa in time but with the reduced working hours of Ramadan and the long break of Eid it never seemed likely. However, the bulk of the paperwork is done so, inshallah, I should be able to get it sorted when I come back. It has been useful to be here as well as a pleasure. The apartment is sorted, more or less, and I’ve been able to have a say in the furnishings as well as being around to get them delivered. Apart from that, I now know that I can happily live out here. And I get to bring back another 30kg of “stuff” on my return. Bonus



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