A Leap of Faith

27 Jun


Slowly, oh so painfully slowly, things seem to be coming together for us in Abu Dhabi. Nothing has actually changed but it seems like we’re on the brink. Forms are signed, agreements in principle reached and, if past example is anything to go by, we’ll be expected to be ready when they come to fruition. So we’ve booked a flight out for me. Twice.

The first time we just booked the outward journey. I wouldn’t be returning anytime soon, right? Well, maybe. I have to apply for a Visitor’s Visa on entering the country and to get that I need a return ticket for within thirty days. Cue a morning of frustrating emails and phone calls to change the booking. No, as it turned out, not change the booking but cancel the first and rebook the exact same flight plus a return journey. Oh, and fork out not inconsiderable sums in cancellation charges along with the price of the flights going up with each maddening request.

Yet a flight has been booked, the prized e-ticket is in my possession. I’ll be there when we get an apartment, able to choose the furniture and be there to take delivery. I’ll be able to start the process of applying for a resident’s visa. It might even be sorted within the thirty days allowed. If not, I’ll be needing that other e-ticket.


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