Left To My Own Devices

1 Jun


I’ve heard from Neil. He’s now in Abu Dhabi, chilling in the hotel pool with furnace-like temperatures outside, waiting to start work. As he hasn’t taken a camera with him you’ll have to wait until I get out there for any pictures, though.

I am, of course, still back home in the UK fighting nature in the back garden while the house seems much quieter. A couple of pleasantly dry and warm days have brought out the floaty, long dresses around town and everyone seems to be eating ice cream. Naturally it has now clouded over, with showers forecast for the foreseeable future. I can perfectly well imagine that it won’t be long until I’m longing for days like these.

A little bit of sun has brought out the first of the geranium flowers. These purple splashes of joy have always been special to me. A few cuttings taken from the garden of the house where I was born have been transplanted into every patch of soil I have owned since. Thank goodness I planted these cuttings in a spot a bit out of the way. It is this location that saved them from the chainsaw cull a couple of years back. A few roots have now been added to the newly planted patch, as well as a pinker variety from the market.

These dry days have also given me the opportunity to rake some of the dead moss and weeds out of the “lawn” then sprinkle a load of grass seed in their place. The idea is that the grass will spring up and not give any room for the weeds to take hold. Ha! The crows have other ideas. I could hear them laughing in the surrounding trees as I was throwing handfuls on the bare soil. “Buffet time, Guys!” The cats aren’t exactly helping either!







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