No News

25 May


It’s been a couple of weeks since the last blog. There’s a reason for that, namely Nothing to Write About! We knew it could be a while before we heard anything from Abu Dhabi but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating.

The fact that we could have been off in the caravan isn’t lost on us either. Mind you, this is mitigated by the dismal weather. Yes, we’ve had a few good days and it’s been a real pleasure spending time in the garden. The wisteria is out, providing deliciously-scented, dappled shade.

It all looks a lot neater thanks to umpteen bags of bark and gallons of Roundup. The only area that remains untouched is the tiny fishpond, still choked with leaves and algae but home to a happily breeding pair of frogs and their squirming offspring. It’s also the drinking source for the bees that have made their home in the roof space of the house. If I sound a bit casual about that last statement it’s because we can’t do anything about them and have been told to plant fruit trees and enjoy their not-so-distant buzzing. 

I have resigned myself that this uphill battle against nature is unwinnable. If I didn’t enjoy the pottering about in the garden I’d abandon it now. But while we wait it’s good to have something to do. And the geraniums should be out soon.




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