A Little Diversion

2 May


May is such a lovely time of year here in the UK. The jaunty gold of the daffodils and dandelions has transformed into the dusky sapphire of the bluebells and the acid yellow of the rapeseed fields. And every weekend is a bank holiday. Or, at least, that’s how it feels.

Normally, I don’t like to venture far from home on these weekends what with the congested roads, teeming beauty spots and overpriced everything. But with our departure from these shores imminent, if as yet still to be settled, we thought we’d better make the most of our remaining time here. So we’re on a boat again – a canal boat.


The weather forecast has, of course, deteriorated from when we booked just a couple of days ago. In fact it’s decidedly chilly and dull if not, as yet, actually raining. We’ve come prepared with our wet weather gear and sailing boots but I’m rather wishing I’d brought the old thermal base layer! The boat comes complete with all mod cons, though, including radiators that make it very warm and cosy once she’s battened down for the night.


I have to say it’s good to feel that gentle rocking again and get re-acquainted with a tiller. What came as a surprise but really shouldn’t have was how it’s possible to leave everything out on the work surfaces and the vase of flowers in the kitchen. I’m guessing we shouldn’t be tilting over at a 45 degree angle as we’re cruising. Well, if we are something is very wrong!





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