Still Waiting

25 Apr


Neil has just returned from Abu Dhabi but we’re still waiting for a date for him to start work. It seems it could be anything from two to six weeks for all the administration to clear. So our plans for the time before he leaves again are all up in the air. We had hoped to spend some time sailing in the Ionian or even returning to Jávea but with such a vague timescale that doesn’t seem practical. Ah well, we’ll just have to play it by ear.

On the bright side, the garden is looking a lot better for a little Tender Loving Care. Not great, you understand, just a little more tamed. I’ve dug over one of the flower beds and replanted it with some cheap shrubs and perennials from the market. Neil thinks I’m wasting my time at best, making a rod for my own back at worst. His solution is to mow the beds at the same time as the lawn. He may have a point. Either way, it’s likely to all “return to nature” as soon as we leave. Ah well, it gets me out.





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