Almost Like Old Times

6 Apr


We’re back in the caravan again. It’s amazing how quickly we fell into the swing of things after the winter break, slipping into the old routines almost without thinking. We hitched up after a quick check without any difficulty and had an uneventful, if slow, journey up the M6 to North Wales. Setting up was a doddle thanks to a fairly flat pitch.

The caravan was thankfully in good shape, if rather grubby, after being laid up in storage and with the heating on was soon our home again. There’s something about the roving lifestyle that means we now really quickly make these spaces, be they caravan, rented apartment or boat, into more than just somewhere to lay our heads.


Mind you, I’m not sure we would have made this site our location if it wasn’t for the fact that we’re selling our lovely ‘van. For a start, being fairly close to home, it’s not exactly adventurous for us and there’s nothing like a British seaside resort out of season and in the rain for putting the dampers on things.  Besides, it don’t ‘arf pong. I can’t help thinking there must be a meat processing factory somewhere up-wind. You get the idea.

It’s only for a few days while we get her ship-shape then we’ll be heading for Chester. I feel a bit of retail therapy coming on.





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