Jobs to Do

2 Apr

We left Spain on a dull weekend with the Benidorm stag and hen parties, much quieter on the return journey and clearly suffering from the night before and arriving back in the UK on a beautiful spring day. Everything seemed to be blossoming while the road into Wales was lined with daffodils. I couldn’t resist spending some time in the garden rapidly​ filling the compost bin with autumn’s detritus. The spring weeds will have to wait for the next decent day which doesn’t look like it will be this week incidentally.


We’ve both got a list of jobs, mostly paperwork still to sort out. This seems to involve a lot of photocopying and scanning of documents. However, top of the agenda is to sell the caravan and an advert has now gone onto eBay ( Motorhomes&hash=item20e27f8116 ) With this in mind we’ve booked a site reasonably close to us here in North Wales with a view to fetching her from storage in Hereford tomorrow and getting her ship shape.


Neil still hasn’t got a date for his flight yet but as AD has asked for a copy of his passport today he’s hopeful it will happen soon. He’s always the optimist.


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