Palm Trees

4 Mar


I’ve never really rated palm trees much. Other than as a symbol of being somewhere warm and sunny, they’ve never struck me as being particularly attractive trees. But reclining, half in sun, half in shade, on the patio sheltered from the gusting winds, I’ve been particularly struck by them.

This early in the season the leaves are a glossy green, without the sharp desiccated, brown ends I tend to associate with them. As the wind catches their fronds they sparkle in the sunlight, the flashes catching my half-closed eyes as I lie in my somnolent posture, like exploding fireworks against the blue of the sky.

From this you can probably gather how I’ve been spending my days, or afternoons, at least. Neil has caught some dreaded lurghy and is pretty much housebound, curtailing our activities somewhat. So I’m forced to lounge around outside, sometimes sitting and reading, sometimes just sitting. I could do with bar service, though. 


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