Almond Blossom and Tortilla

23 Feb

It’s good to be back. When we left Spain three weeks ago it seemed unlikely we would be returning again this year. The apartment had been stripped of our possessions, goodbyes had been said and, psychologically, we’d taken our leave. But the apartment is ours until the end of March. We may not be able to stay here until then but there seemed little point in spending the time in the horrendous UK weather when a cheap flight to Alicante could bring us back to the Spanish sun.


A hire car was also required but that, too, is reasonably priced at this time of year. So we’re driving something that looks like a chewed jelly bean but it’s brand new and Neil is pleased with the way it handles. The grand total of our possessions had to come in at under 20kg each which means we’re not exactly as well stocked as before but it still felt like coming home.

Our first trip out was to the Jalón Valley in search of almond blossom. It had been slightly too early when we left but the intervening weeks have meant that only a few traces still lingered. What we did find, however, was the renowned market (Rastro) setting up alongside the dry riverbed. It’s difficult to describe. Think of a combination of craft stalls, reclamation yard finds, house clearance stands and locals selling a few oranges alongside Moroccan leather counterfeit handbags and the usual clothes venders and tourist tat of most markets. Neil got a hat.


The best part, however, was discovering a tapas bar with a little courtyard out the back set up with tables in the sun. A couple of drinks, a huge slice of tortilla and toast topped with tomato and olive oil each set us back a whole 8 euros. Including tip. 


We missed the almond blossom (again) but from this photograph you can see why it is such an attraction. 


2 Responses to “Almond Blossom and Tortilla”

  1. southamptonoldlady October 27, 2016 at 12:31 am #

    I have very fond memories of almond blossom – its the first sign of spring.

    • lamputts October 27, 2016 at 6:42 am #

      I really hope we get to see it this coming spring.

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