Heading Home

1 Feb


Changing circumstances have got us heading home early. Yesterday saw us packing up the car for the journey to Santander. We’ve been a bit unlucky with the ferries this winter as, again, the crossing we booked for tonight has been cancelled due to bad weather. And it takes some very bad weather for them to do this! As it is, the crossing we’re now booked on will stop in Brest for a crew change and to avoid the worst of the storm forecast for the Channel. Sturgeron at the ready.

So we’re spending tonight in a hotel in Bilbao or, rather, overlooking Bilbao. That’s ok, though, as we don’t plan on setting foot out of the door. You wouldn’t either if you could see the weather. Honestly, we’ve had all four seasons in one day. Leaving Jávea in warm sunshine, the blossom just starting to look its best, we bid a fond farewell to the Mediterranean, so much a part of our lives for the last five years and headed towards the Bay of Biscay.

The heating went on in the car just north of Valencia and as we climbed into the mountains the seasons rolled back. Around Zaragoza the fertile red planes were just starting to bud with spring-like greenery. At times the road seemed to cut its way through the sky, blue to the port side while dark clouds rolled over the black mountains to starboard. Bridging the two a rainbow kept pace with us, its end caressing the rooftops, farm buildings and ornate church towers with multi-coloured light.

Descending the northern slopes brought, literally out of the blue, gritting lorries and winter. Without warning we were suddenly driving through sleet and then snow, thanking our lucky stars that we’d set out early and we still had daylight. Ah well, it’s stopped now although the wind is howling. And the cold is keeping our drinks nicely chilled on the window sill. I know. That’s plebs for you. 


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