Jávea Market Day

27 Jan


As I may have mentioned before, once or twice, Neil is not one for shopping. A visit to the supermarket is always a precision operation to be completed in the shortest possible time. While he was away, then, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take my time and stroll around Jávea’s street market.

Actually, I don’t tend to buy much from the market stalls, having felt cheated too many times on our journeys around Europe. I’m also absolute rubbish at bargaining. I do, however, really enjoy the atmosphere so was happy to take my camera rather than my cash. The fruit stalls are worth a picture in their own right and my poor attempt certainly doesn’t do them justice. Filled with every seasonal product plus lots of the unseasonal, the displays are a work of seduction in getting punters to buy vast quantities. And they do.

It was the olive stall, though, that finally got me to open my purse. For a country that produces olives there are very few shops that sell them fresh, with the supermarkets only selling the tinned varieties. I’m at a loss to know why this is. So when I spotted the large, juicy, green olives in a slightly spicy sauce that we’d had with drinks in Denia, I couldn’t resist. I’ll be going back for more this week, too, but with Neil it will be a quick sortie I should think. 




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