The Three Kings

6 Jan


Although the giving of presents on the 25th December has become more common in Spain in recent years, it is still the arrival of the Magi or the Three Kings that is traditionally the biggie. In most towns their arrival is celebrated with a parade through the streets and it’s not just the children that flock to see them. Naturally we had to join them.


In Jávea the Kings arrive by fishing boat, their first sighting signalled by fireworks as their entourages wait for them in the harbour. A lucky few children get to meet them on arrival, sit on their knee and have their photograph taken.


Others line the streets, clutching carrier bags in anticipation of the sweets that will be thrown from the floats.


As the parade passes many take the opportunity for a stroll along the seafront, enjoying the atmosphere in the last rays of the setting sun. 



2 Responses to “The Three Kings”

  1. Sarah January 7, 2014 at 10:42 pm #

    Hi Both, Happy New Year. I am intrigued by the first picture of the three kings. There seems to be a set of matching tourists at the bottom left? Am I imagining things?! You would not want to be in a caravan in the UK at the moment…in fact a boat may be more appropriate inland!

    • lamputts January 8, 2014 at 7:42 am #

      Ha,ha! Thanks for commenting, Sarah. The matching “tourists” are, I think, the bandsmen. Not exactly a smart uniform! I must admit I’m very glad to be away from all the relentless rain and floods in the UK at the moment.

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