Happy New Year

1 Jan


From past experience we’d expected New Year’s Eve in Jávea to be a quiet one. Our usual plan is basically to do a pub crawl and when we’d tried to do that here on our first stay the place was pretty dead. At first we thought a tapas evening in the old town might be on the cards but again many places told us they were closed. The Brit bars in the Arenal were a possibility but it was not what we really wanted.

By the time we were returning from our morning walk we’d almost decided to have a quiet night in. Heading for our favourite bakery on the front to pick up some goodies we spotted a small menu pinned to the side of the chalk board at one of the restaurants. As luck would have it, and as it was just the two of us, the owner said he would squeeze us in.


Knowing the Spanish trend to eat late in the evening we too arrived later than usual but already most tables were busy. However, it all seemed rather formal and staid. Our cheerful “Good Evening” to the occupants of the neighbouring table (yes, we’d already had a little drink) met with a polite nod. Ah well, we hadn’t been expecting fireworks.

But the food kept coming. And the cava, it did flow. Restraint and personal space barriers started to melt. Come midnight we were all garlanded and wearing either sparkly wigs or nodding horns while blowing party hooters. Hugs and kisses naturally followed and everyone was now the best of friends as the cava bottles were passed around. Sometimes the best of times are the unplanned ones. 



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