3 Dec

Naturally the weather was never going to co-operate with having friends to stay. They arrived to a cool but sunny day, allowing them to shake off their working worries along with the winter coats and visibly relax under out eyes. Of course the alcohol helped. The cloudier but mostly dry following day meant a walk to Cap Prim and an amazing tapas meal in the old town was much appreciated by all.


Sunday was a very different. Overnight the breeze had become a howling gale, whipping the sea into a frenzy of surf and spray and driving the sleety rain horizontally. With winter woollies and coats back in situ we took the car up to the lighthouse at Cabo San Anton and the old windmills that sit like jagged teeth overlooking the bay of Jávea. The view is always amazing and with a frothy, white sea and glowering, black clouds it was pretty spectacular. The wind was whipping hair and reddening noses making lingering a bit uncomfortable, however, so nobody needed much encouragement to head back to the apartment with its under-floor heating.

The lure of a leisurely lunch at the front was enough to get us out again and was worth it just to be at close quarters to this crashing sea as it spewed spray over the promenade. I have to say our guests had more stamina than us. As we returned for a siesta they stayed out for a walk along the breakwater and a good soaking. Well, it takes all sorts. 


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