9 Nov


I could never understand why anyone would want to go to the same place on holiday year in year out. I still don’t really. To me it smacks of a lack of imagination when there are so many amazing places to visit in the world, in Europe, in the UK even. My parents were like that. Nothing could compete with the attractions of Bournemouth for them. Yet we keep coming back to Jávea.

It’s hard to describe the attraction. Perhaps everybody has somewhere that ticks all their personal boxes and they feel at home, better than at home, even. Certainly, on all our travels to date, we haven’t found anywhere we’d prefer to spend the winter months. The climate, of course, is part of the attraction. I’ve never liked winter, never really saw the attraction of snow or even the appeal of autumn despite the colours. Sure they look great in photographs but spring, with its promise of summer days to come, always excites me more.

But there are many places in the world that have better weather than the UK in winter, so why Jávea, then? One of the main attractions for us is the cafe culture which we love and Jávea has in abundance. But then so does most of Spain and many other countries. I know many people prefer to be in the countryside or mountains which I can understand and others choose the excitement and sophistication of cities which we also enjoy but the sea will always hold our hearts.


We don’t dismiss anywhere that you can get an English breakfast as being too touristy either. Maybe we feel a little smug ordering our meals in Spanish but being somewhere for a relatively long period of time where communication doesn’t always have to be in a second language is more relaxing. For us, Jávea has the perfect balance of ex pats that don’t overwhelm the local Spanish population, retaining its quintessential Spanish way of life and traditions. We like to immerse ourselves in this, love the food, the shops, the code of politeness and the change in pace. Yet we enjoy a quiz night in a British bar as well.

I could wax lyrical about the walks, the marina and fishing port, the old town and the beach and yes, these are all a huge part of the attraction. But ultimately it’s the people and the welcome that brings us back year after year. 







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