Ferry Bad Weather

25 Oct


I’m almost packed and ready to head off to Spain for the winter. Just about the whole contents of the wardrobe along with a mountain of food supplies and toiletries that are either expensive or difficult to get hold of in Spain are piled up and standing by to be loaded into the car. I’m just waiting for the thunderstorm to subside. Now there’s the rub. The weather.

We have a ferry to catch on Sunday amid dire warnings of the storm conditions that are approaching the British Isles. The worst storm since the 1980’s according to the Mirror. Surely they’ll cancel the ferry, thinks I. Oh no, says the Caravan Talk forum, they’ll happily go out in a force 9. I’ve been trying to reassure myself that at least we’ve got a cheap interior cabin where the motion will be less than on the more expensive exterior cabins.

So there was definitely a feeling of relief when I got a broken call from an annoyed Neil to say the ferry had indeed been cancelled. Until I got home and read the email, that is. Yes, the ferry had been cancelled but not because of the weather but due to “a technical difficulty on board” and we’d been offered a place on the sailing from Portsmouth to Bilbao. Not only that we had been upgraded to an exterior cabin. Lucky us. Oh, and this is a two night crossing with a stopover in Roscoff. Agghh!! 




One Response to “Ferry Bad Weather”

  1. peteandlu October 26, 2013 at 11:43 am #

    Good luck….at least you won’t have to be on deck pulling ropes…..

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