19 Oct

Back at home now, I’m enjoying looking at the pictures of our week in Crete. So I thought I’d share some:


The wild cats of Ag Nik look surprisingly well nourished and looked after. Apart from the scraps they scrounge from the restaurants someone is obviously feeding them. Here they are some eating dried cat food by the bottomless lake.


It was so good to be swimming in the sea again. Neil went in off the back of the boat when we went on a trip to the island of Spinalonga.


Spinalonga, once a leper colony, has now become a popular tourist attraction perhaps largely as it featured in the book “The Island” by Victoria Hislop which was also adapted for a very popular Greek television series. At this time of year, at least, it still remains a rather desolate and haunting place.


The layers of misty mountains behind whitewashed buildings set on a shimmering and silvery sea is the image I will always have in my head when I think of sailing in Greece.

Fish Spa Couple

We had to try it. We’d seen fish spas before and rather fancied the idea so this was our opportunity.

Fish Therapy

It’s a weird sensation and I’m not entirely convinced it does any good but we both persuaded ourselves that our feet felt softer after being nibbled by dozens of little fish. Well, why not?


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