Well, We Needed a Holiday…

12 Oct


Like Mary Poppins we have to leave when the wind changes. With the warm southerly that had dominated Britain’s weather for the last week changing to a cold northerly and the temperature dropping 8 degrees overnight, it was good timing, then, to be heading for the airport in the early hours of Thursday morning. As a rosy sun rose over the roads of Manchester, still not at rush hour capacity, our Easyjet ‘plane to Crete lifted off the runway. 

A four hour flight of screaming toddlers (well, one toddler, actually, the others were remarkably good) we were landing in 24 degrees of warm sunshine at Heraklion. Our hold luggage was one of the first to come up on the conveyor belt and we found the desk for the airport transfer company quickly and easily so we thought our luck was really in. Needless to say it all went pear-shaped from there. Over an hour later we were still sitting on the bus in the airport waiting for other passengers.

When it finally pulled away we still thought we could be in Ag Nik (Agios Nikolaos) for an afternoon swim.  Oh, no. The 45 minute journey took nearly two hours with the bus constantly turning off at every single little junction en route. This was like the package holidays of old when the coach drops off everybody else at their hotels before you. When we finally arrived in Ag Nik the bus driver must have decided he’d had enough himself and just dropped us in the town square, vaguely pointing up a side road and telling us to walk the rest of the way! Ah well, we’ve seen a bit of the island anyway. 

The following day more than made up for any hassle, though. Beautiful weather, a walk around the “bottomless” lake, a chat with Paul on Carmel (Ag Nik looks a superb place to over-winter although shower facilities are poor) and a very pleasant afternoon swim, the sea still at a comfortable temperature even this late in the season. Oh, and beer and pizza for lunch. Diet? What diet?


The so-called Bottomless Lake in Agios Nikolaos


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